Like all good things, the safe usability of a tyre eventually comes to an end. At Bridgestone, we make sure that your tyre is safely looked after and given a new lease on life after you're done with it.

While the tyre may be unusable, the materials can be reused, recycled and re-introduced into the supply chain. Bridgestone reuses 20,000 tonnes of recycled rubber each year and we are investing to increase this number - expanding the life of our tyres themselves through retreading solutions.

A circular economy in the tyre industry is our priority. With our accelerated collection of used tyres, we're aiming to transform end-of-life tyres into a new resource both in the tyre industry and beyond - including use as construction materials, landscape mulch, floor mats and crafts.

Bridgestone's Bandag brand is also a pioneer and global leader in tyre retreading solutions. Since the most sustainable approach is to extend the lifespan of what already exists, Bandag remains a key contributor towards our goal.

Bandag's retreads use just one third of the materials needed to produce new tyres. By extending the tyre life of premium casings, Bandag also significantly contributes to keeping tyre cost per kilometre as low as possible for fleets. Not only is this solution good for the planet, it's also easy on the budget.

Our mission is to serve society with superior quality. To do so, we must prioritise sustainability throughout all stages of our tyre's life cycle.

Learn more about the stages of our tyres' life cycle here.