Benefits of Electric Cars & Vehicles

It’s no secret that electric cars have a tremendous positive impact on the environment. But helping people and countries reduce their carbon footprints aren’t the only benefits of electric cars and vehicles.

Fuel consumption:

None at all! Leading to a significant drop in the expenses that would otherwise go towards weekly fuel ups. Recharging costs are usually minimal when it comes to the cost of fuel in most countries. Helping you save more with every drive.

Cost efficiency:

While Electric vehicles prices fall in the same range as conventional fuel based cars, the cost of maintenance is significantly lower as a result of fewer parts that need regular repairs and upkeep. Many cities also offer tax incentives and other benefits for EV owners. Making right now the best time ever to go electric. Bridgestone has been working towards making tyres for EVs that retain the idea of slower wear and tear. Reducing the need to change them as frequently as conventional vehicles.

A quieter and smoother driving experience:

Not having a conventional motor makes it possible for EV’s to be as silent as a car can get. This also makes the driving experience smoother and more comfortable. Needless to mention that most EV’s offer far more features than conventional cars to make every drive more enjoyable.

For accessible charging facilities:

Unlike the conventional fuel pump, EV chargers are far easier to set up. That is why you commonly see them in local communities or even in parking lots of many malls. Saving you the time that would otherwise be spent waiting in line to refuel at a gas station.

Bridgestone is committed to offer more sustainable solutions and push forward the electric transformations of the automotive industry around the world. One of the key projects are the collaboration with Al Nasr Automotive in Egypt to help revive the national pride in the brand and bring more affordable EV options to the people of the country.