Cars have always been in the spotlight when it comes to the conversation about pollution and environmental concerns. However, through time, the technology used in cars has evolved to be more sustainable than it has ever before.

While switching to an electric car may seem like the most obvious solution to helping the environment, the way you drive your regular car can also positively impact your carbon footprint.

Here are some simple driving habits that you can inculcate to make eco-friendly driving part of your daily routine.

Avoid sudden braking or rapid acceleration:

Sudden braking and acceleration increase fuel consumption and causes your car to burn more. Leading to an increase in emissions. By simply leaving large gaps between you and the car in front, you improve your chances of anticipating when to slow down and when to speed up.

Cruise whenever you can:

Most modern cars come with cruise control options. This is a great way to main consistent speeds whenever possible. Engaging your cruise option on long stretches of relatively straight roads with fixed speed limits helps conserve energy and reduce the pressure on the engine. Making it more efficient.

Frequent services:

The better your car's condition is, the more energy-efficient it will be. Not to mention that this allows for a smoother drive that helps make your drive feel seamless. With proper service comes cleaner and well-maintained parts that all work towards expelling fewer emissions and using fuel sparingly. In addition, ensuring that you're always using the right motor oil optimizes your engine's performance.

Always maintain the right tyre pressure:

When the tyre pressure drops 10% below the recommended amount, it increases the stress on your engine. Hampering the car’s performance and causing it to consume more fuel to deliver the power needed. So keeping your tyre pressure on point is an easy and simple way to make sure your car is giving you what you need without burning more than needed.

Choose the right tyres for your car:

Every car is designed to suit a specific type of drive. A key component of that experience is the tyre. Making sure that you choose the tyres that are recommended for your car and meet your frequent driving conditions can make your car far more efficient and long-lasting.

Keeping these simple points in mind can surely help with your sustainable driving on an everyday basis. So while cars themselves might continue to be a point of debate when it comes to climate conservation, the way you drive your car can definitely help make a significant difference in consuming less fuel and conserving more energy every time you set out on a journey.