A good set of tyres is key to safety, grip, stability and driving enjoyment on the road. But where do these tyres come from? How are they made? What goes into creating these automobile essentials?

Every tyre undergoes five general stages.

  1. Sourcing Raw Materials
    Natural rubber and other necessary materials are carefully sourced and procured from their point of origin and taken to be developed.

  2. Tyre Development and Testing
    Before the tyre enters its finalised mass production, the design is developed based on extensive research and development processes before undergoing rigorous testing.

  3. Manufacturing
    Once the design is tried, tested and perfected, the tyre enters production. It is produced, packaged and then shipped to the store location where customers will find it.

  4. Tyre Use
    The average lifespan of installed tyres will vary depending on the distances and conditions they undergo. Regular inspection and maintenance will keep them road-worthy for longer until a new set is required.

  5. End of Life
    Once the tyre is old or damaged, it must be replaced and recycled properly.

The higher the quality of your tyres, the longer their lifespan. To learn more about how Bridgestone gives tyres a second lease on life after their time is done, click here