Camping. The word has such a magical quality about it, conjuring up images of the crackling of a blazing campfire, the aromas of a barbecue the glittering spectacle of a billion stars overhead, and, of course, a breathtakingly picturesque setting … be it alongside a wadi (dry river bed), on top of a mountain, or in the middle of the desert, with 360º views of undulating dunes as far as the eye can see.

For a diehard few, the adventure is no mere overnighter, but part of a longer and more adventurous trip that involves a great deal of legwork. For others, a weekend away from it all is sufficient time for the revival of body and soul.

Whichever box you plan to tick, a camping trip that is as fun as you want it to be, needs a great deal of planning. Camping veterans will testify to the importance of a camping checklist. Even if you have a seasoned camper as part of your 'getting away from it all' experience, it's handy to make a checklist of your own, as individual needs often differ depending on lifestyle preferences, health issues, duration of your trip, whether you are male or female, etc.

While camping shelter, choice of bedding (sleeping bags/air mattresses, sheets, etc.) clothes, footwear and toiletries, and cooking apparatus and food supplies are bound to feature on your list, here are some critical items that could slip through the cracks when you go camping:

Camping Personal Gear

Camping Lighting

Camping Tools and Accessories

Camping Kitchen

In closing, remember to bring yourself up to date with the local camping and campfire do's and don'ts, usually available on the websites of public health and safety departments. Make sure you are aware of the rules, regulations and restrictions before you finalize your checklist. Happy camping!