Even though it’s become second nature to us to sanitize ourselves and the areas where we feel most at risk of COVID-19, it’s often easy to overlook that one area where you spend a significant part of your day.

Your vehicle.

It is now clear that car sanitization is very important. So, here’s a guide to what to what to use, what to clean, and most importantly, how to sanitize your car.

What to use:

How to clean:

What to clean:

Think of all the parts of your vehicle’s interior that you touch. We can think of at least ten that you use every time you get in.

Let’s go through the motions.


You close the door. So you touch the interior door handle.

You pull on your seatbelt. That’s number two.

Then grasp the steering wheel.


If you drive a manual, you probably give your gear shift a little shake.

Then, most of you will press the ignition button. Or you’ll turn your key to start the engine.

Turn the radio on, or touch something else on the control panel as part of your ritual.


Adjust the rear-view mirror (we don’t know why we do that, it won’t have moved since yesterday!).

Wiggle the air vents a bit (they haven’t moved, either).

And you’re ready to go.


Or are you?

Aren’t you forgetting something?

Like maybe your car keys, which are more exposed that anything else. And the exterior door handles. Include the trunk handle, too.

This should all look like common sense to you in today’s world, right? Well, what makes common sense to us in today’s world is not just to advise you on enjoying a safer driving experience, but to provide you with it. Ideally, sanitizing these touchpoints should become as automatic to you as any other action you do when preparing to drive. That’s what makes us Bridgestone.

So, every three months, we’d like to give the interior of your vehicle a professional sanitization. It will make it harder for any surfaces to be a host to the virus. It’s additional, long term protection that will complement your daily efforts.


Well, we use Ozone sterilization and disinfection machines which penetrate your vehicle’s interior with a stream of highly oxidizing Ozone. Ozone is a gas which has unique decontaminating and penetration capabilities which liquid disinfectants fail at - thereby destroying all micro-organisms like bacteria, virus, yeasts and molds. 

This will be a free service to all our MOBOX subscribers. For those of who don’t know, MOBOX is an exclusively Bridgestone service offering the supply, fitment and warranty of tyres for your vehicle. We all have enough to think about these days, without being anxious about the state of our tyres.


Subscribe to MOBOX, and car sanitization is one of many things less to worry about on: Mobox.ae