Camping in Egypt:

Since March 2020, travel has changed dramatically. As cities shut down and people became apprehensive of the hustle and bustle, mother nature repaired herself. The beauty and safety promised by the great outdoors led to a sudden rise in outdoor activities, including a childhood favourite of many – camping.

There are countless joys and benefits of camping. Here are just four of its many restorative advantages:

1. Unplug and unwind

Especially given the extreme amount of time many of us have spent bingeing on Netflix, scrolling through social media, or constantly refreshing the news, it is safe to say we need a digital detox. Research has shown that unplugging may improve your sleep, reduce your levels of stress, and even relieve neck pain.

2. Reconnect with yourself and others

Without the distraction of screens, and far from the noise of the city, camping is the perfect opportunity for self-reflection and strengthening your relationship with your loved ones. It is essential to take the time to let go and simply relax.

3. Soak in the sunshine

Not only is camping and spending your day outdoors a great way to stock up on vitamin D, but it is also a fun and effective way to exercise. Whether you’re setting up a tent, enjoying a sunrise stroll, or cooling off with a quick dip, you are constantly performing physical activities when camping.

4. Be rejuvenated by nature

Studies have shown that as little as a few minutes of walking in nature can improve both your mental and physical wellbeing. On top of this, the splendour of nature, with its rolling mountains and silken dunes, is awe-inspiring and can boost creative thinking.

When it comes to camping in Egypt, your options for an unforgettable experience are endless. From its enchanting deserts and star-dappled skies, to its radiant blue waters, Egypt is a dream for camping enthusiasts everywhere

To kickstart the planning for your next trip, here are four incredible camping spots across Egypt:

1. White Desert National Park

What makes this spot so unique is its gigantic white chalk formations – a stunning natural wonder formed over millennia by the forces of wind and sand. Camping among these otherworldly formations will make you feel like you are straight out of a Star Wars movie.

2. Black Desert

Just 50km south of Bawiti, this striking site was formed by the erosion of mountains, which have spread a layer of ebony black powder and small volcanic black stones across the tan desert sand. Climb up the soft peaks of this desert to enjoy panoramic views of its incomparable beauty.

3. Ras Mohammed National Park

Located around 20km west of Sharm El Sheikh, one of the most spectacular marine ecosystems in the world, this nature reserve attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year. Some of the rarest pelagic fish, including hammerhead sharks and whale sharks, frequent these pristine waters.

4. Siwa Oasis

Brimming with olive trees, palm trees, and cooling natural springs, Siwa Oasis is one of Egypt’s most popular oasis despite its remote location. Experience the serenity and embrace the astonishment of camping under the vast Milky Way.

These are just a few of the many camping options Egypt has to offer. You deserve an escape and the time to reset your mind and your body, so get your camping gear together and start planning your next adventure!