Given the weather conditions in the region, and the ever expanding network of roads and freeways, a car is considered an essential purchase by nationals and expats alike. Upgrading a car periodically, or when the warranty is about to run out, is also a trend. The result, is a mammoth used car market.

Second hand, pre-owned, or used, whatever the terminology, a car that has had a previous owner comes with one big advantage: a much lower price tag. But sometimes there could be a higher price to pay down the road, if the car is not thoroughly checked out, especially for expensive replacements like the tyres.

Once you have decided on the brand and model that fits your budget (helped along by family, friends and the {sometimes unsolicited} advice of colleagues), it’s time to decide if you wish to play it safe and go to an authorized dealer or get a more competitive rate by purchasing it directly from the owner via a newspaper, online sites or social media platforms. 

If you opt for a dealer you may pay extra, but you could benefit from offers on the warranty, insurance, registration and down payments. You can also do a background check on the dealer’s service reputation.

Should you decide to buy directly from the owner, you must be extra vigilant about things like the mileage (it could have been altered), safety checks, the age and quality of the second hand tyres, and service history.

Whichever option you pick, here are some pointers to keep in mind:

There are 145 checks that must be carried out on a used car before purchase. Get the car checked at the dealer’s workshop, at an RTA Service Centre or by an independent professional.

Important things to check for:

If the tyres do need replacing, and you are happy with the condition of the rest of the car, you want to get your ride a set of wheels that are safe, comfortable and long lasting. Like Bridgestone's Turenza Tyre.